Can Catholics be saved?

You mailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked:  “Can Catholics be saved?”

The Answer is:  YES!

God will save anyone who will trust in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to be the complete payment for their sins.  To believe, or trust, or have faith in the gospel, by definition, means that a person is not trusting in their works, good deeds, religious rituals or observances, including last rites or baptisms or confirmations.  They must trust, believe, have faith in what God said.  The work of salvation was completely done by Jesus Christ.  Salvation is now God’s gift through Christ.  And it is our by faith what Jesus Christ has done in our behalf that God saved us, and not by our works.  Offering God our works is a rejection of the work of Jesus Christ.

So then, Yes God will save a person who calls themselves a Catholic, if they like any sinner will believe the gospel.  However, to do that, a Catholic cannot believe in Catholicism which teaches 7 sacraments of human works are required for salvation.

Years ago an insurance sales man visited me, we bought insurance from him, then I gave him the gospel (to give him God’s insurance and assurance).  He told me he was saved.  He also told me he was a Catholic.  So I asked him how he knows he is saved, and he repeated to me the gospel.  I told him the Catholic church does not teach salvation is by grace through faith.  He agreed, but had decided to stay a Catholic anyhow.  I then asked him if he thought he was saved because he was a Catholic or despite the face that he was a Catholic?  He said:  “despite the fact he was a Catholic.”  By that he convinced me he was a saved Catholic.

Instead of trying to change an apostate religion from within, the scriptures would instruct him to separate.

See II Corinthians 6:14-8;  Romans 16:17,18;  I Timothy 6:3-5. I hope you understand this.