Should Easter and Christmas be treated as Holy Days?

My husband and I have started watching your show every Sunday.  We previously attended a Baptist church, but have stopped going for the past couple of years because of our disagreeing with some of the teachings. We left on good terms and were by no means disrespectful.

I wanted to ask your views on celebrating Easter and Christmas.  Even though the OT Holy Days are not observed today, I’m not sure if its ok for us to “create” our own, especially those with such pagan origins.

Thanks for being a part of our ministry via the Internet.  The clarity of the gospel and the dispensation of grace in which we live is important and is worth taking a stand for.

As far as the celebration of Easter or Christmas, this is a topic of discussion that we have had in our ministry many times.  Some have decided not to recognize these days as anything special.  We know  the pagan origins but for the most part you have to teach people those origins in order for anyone to realize the paganism.  Therefore we treat them more as cultural holidays and enjoy the family times.  Ministry wise we take the opportunity to teach the truth of the resurrection and the actual time of Christ’s birth.  This gives us opportunity to preach the gospel to those visitors who attend our services on those days. Hope that helps.