Answer to a mother with sick children

Sorry to hear about C. and N. and the tough times you are going through. I know that life can throw so much at us we think we cannot handle any more, but we do. That is a testimony to the fact that God does not allow more than we can handle. And the reason we think we cannot and yet do is because we can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us.

I could hear your pain and could surely sympathize with you, but only the Lord can strengthen you. Your case is like three other families in our church. You know the recent struggles of the C.M. family, but you may not know that L. H. had to watch her son and night, at home and many nights in the hospital not knowing if he was going to make it to adulthood because of severe asthma. The same was true for K.P. Her oldest son J. not only suffered severe asthma but also extreme allergies. Many a night she held him all night praying. Back then she believed in faith healing and took him to many healers only to be disappointed. Finally she decided to become (in her words) “a heathen.” Right division brought her back to faith.

I know their struggles do not change your situation, but if it is good to know who has faced the same problems and that things do work out, M.H. is now 16 years old and doing fine. over 30 years old (still suffers with asthma) but has his own family and coping and enjoying life. We’ll keep you in our prayers.