Is Galatians 1:7-8 compatible with 1 John 5:12?

Is Paul referring to the gospel of the kingdom in Gal 1,7-8? I’ve found a grace church and the pastor quotes this verse when teaching correctly about our salvation doctrine being found in Paul’s epistles only but he also throws in 1John 5:12 .He proclaims to be dispensational but by the looks of the church web site I’d say not really . He makes the distinction between the 2 gospels but proceeds to mix them up. I’m meeting with him and hope to share the truth. Thanks.

Yes. Galatians 1:7,8 “another gospel” other than what Paul preached unto them would include the gospel of the Kingdom as well as any false gospel of works.  In the following verses Paul confronts Peter not for preaching the gospel of the Kingdom but for acting as if the Gentiles were still unclean as they were under the Kingdom program.  Peter’s actions did not represent the truth of the gospel.