Is faith simply believing what God says? What about trust?

Thank you for your reply. Basically what you are telling me is that faith is simply me believing what God says? God said Christ shed his blood, died, and rose from the dead and if I believe in this event God will save me? So how does “trust” fit in the picture? I hear a lot of brethren say to trust Christ as Savior. This may sound silly but what exactly does it mean to “trust Christ”? Is it the same as believe?

One other question. Does a person have to know the day they are saved? I hear a lot of folks say if you can’t point back to a definite day and time when you were saved then you aren’t saved. Just curious about this. Thanks again.

It’s been some time since you wrote, but I did not want to let your questions go unanswered. 

You were saying things correctly until you said “if I believe in this event God will save me?”  It is not just the event that you are to believe in, it is what God said was accomplished by that event; that Jesus Christ in dying on the cross completely paid for all your sins!  This explains where “trust” fits in.  If you believe in this accomplishment, you are committing your trust in what God said about it, in Jesus Christ as your Savior.  It means you are not going to trust anything else for your eternal soul’s salvation.

I hope you caught the difference, and have made that decision.  Concerning having to know when that decision was first made is not important.  But it is important to ask yourself – is that what I am trusting?

My mother once wondered if she had really trusted the gospel when she was young.  After a long discussion I told her, whether she had or not, if she is unsure, decide right know to believe the gospel and trust in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ for her salvation.  She did and that settled the issue eternally!