Satan confused God’s word to confuse people

I know you are very busy, but sometime if you could explain to me how Satan’s quote of Psalm 91 and his use of it was not “dispensationally correct,” and that it was not “dispensationally situated correctly.”  That was a fascinating discussion, but I am not sure I understood it all.  No rush on this; I just realized that I don’t fully understand it.  Thank you so much.

 Copy of paragraph that I have asked you about: 

Come with me to Matthew 4. In Matthew 4 you learn something fascinating when Jesus Christ is going to go out and be tempted by Satan after the 40 days of fasting. In verses 3-4 it says, “And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread. But he [Jesus] answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” When Jesus comes into conflict with the adversary, He quotes the Scripture and says, “It is written.” In verse number 6, Satan takes Him up into the high places and says, “Cast yourself down: for it is written. . .” In the next verse Jesus says, “It is written again.” You know what happens in the temptation? Jesus and Satan have a Scripture-quoting contest. There are two things you have to get about that. Number 1, Satan could quote Scripture. Can you? When Jesus Christ fought Satan, did battle with Satan, He quotes Scripture and Satan quoted it right back to Him. You need to understand just because somebody can quote Scripture doesn’t mean they are telling you what God wants you to know. Now the problem with what Satan quoted coming out of Psalm 91 is it wasn’t dispensationally correct. And because he didn’t have it dispensationally situated correctly, he was doctrinally wrong in what he said. But Christ caught him. Christ didn’t let him take Him out of the proper dispensation. He didn’t let him misuse God’s Word. He forced him to rightly divide God’s Word so the Word of God could be handled honestly and not deceitfully. You have to be careful about that. People think, “Boy, if you just quote Scripture and you just talk about Jesus…” 

In response to your question, I hope this short answer will help.

The context of Psalms 91 is deliverance into the Kingdom.  The salvation that will come at the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Satan tried to tempt the Lord in Matthew 4 by quoting this verse.  While the verse is the truth of God, it is not the truth for the 1st coming of the Lord.  He came the first time to suffer and die.  Dispensationally the verse applies to the 2nd coming.  So Satan knows how to use God’s Word and to confuse people by not applying it to the right dispensation.