Will Baptism be administered in ages to come?

I trust this e-mail finds you well!  I have heard you say that there is a possibility that water baptism may be over even in the Kingdom program (when it resumes)  because of advanced revelation (Hebrews-Revelation).  Do you have any further insight into this?  It would make a lot of sense to me that water baptism would be over for everyone – “Us” and “Them,” now that both programs have completed revelation……..  Thanks for your time!  By the way, I have learned so much from you!  I listen to you all the time!  I thank God for your ministry!  To be honest I consider you my mentor! 

Good to hear from you. All is well here. Sounds like you are keeping at the work. I’m not sure what study you heard me say that, but when I am teaching at the home church, I feel free to think out loud, not realizing that the brethren are taking these studies and placing them on the Internet. I do wonder how water baptism will be ministered in future ages. I don’t think that the thought was an insight however, just a thought. Certainly from Matthew 28:19 the Nations will be baptized into the Kingdom during the millennium. The one that gives me most pause is the Tribulation period. All those multitudes saved from all nations (Revelation 7:9); Mark 16:15,16 seems to teach that they had to be baptized, but will there be time and availability in such a short and dangerous time? Sorry, no more insights, just questions to be answered.