Hebrews 6 and 10 has me terrified. Is there any hope?

I have a question that has caused me quite some grief the past week and would really appreciate some biblical advice.  I have a brother-in-law who is insisting on calling Jesus by the Hebrew or Aramaic, untranslated name.  He has a lot of reasons why he is doing this, which is fine but he seems to think that those of us using the English translated name Jesus are not saved.  This has caused me a lot of grief.  I know that there is only one name given under heaven whereby we are to be saved and this has flipped me upside down.  There are many languages in the world and many pronunciations, does it matter what language we use to call upon Jesus?  He knows we are calling upon him whether it is in English, Greek or Hebrew right?  I was so sure in my salvation until this. In fact there is even controversy on the shortened verses long form of Christs Hebrew name to add to all the confusion. And now I’m just confused and fearful of being correct and not being deceived or accidentally denying my savior by using one name over the other.  Is this not the same Jesus who gave his life for us, whichever name we choose to use? Is this a non-issue? Can you lose you salvation by going back and forth like this.  I in no way ever meant to deny my savior, I just want to have his name right!! I guess I am just fearful because of Hebrews 6:6-9 and Hebrews 10:26.  Can someone unintentionally do this?  Could someone want to come to Christ but be told no by Him and therefore have to live the rest of their life with the knowledge of impending doom and hell? I just feel so confused. Any input to help me sort through this would be appreciated.  I want to rest again and rid myself of this fear. 

I apologize if I am coming off as annoying.  It’s just that I am really hoping to speak with you for some spiritual advice. I am in what I call a spiritual crisis which is explained in my past email.  I am paralyzed with fear that is affecting my life.  I have a small child and another one on the way and just cannot function because of the excessive worry.  I have searched the Internet for answers to Hebrews 6 and 10 and most of interpretations are a death sentence.  I don’t think I have done this, obviously I have not went elsewhere, but is this something that can happen by accident in the heart??  What if someone did do this, does that mean they are handed a death sentence and even if they desire to be restored they just never can? Their life would be lived with the fear of hell with each passing day?  Esau is usually the example I read about, he sought repentance and never found it.  Can someone really be outside of any grace and hope?

Sorry I could not get back to you sooner.  Let me assure you that you cannot committee the sins of Hebrews 6 & 10 for two reasons.  First you are not a Hebrew that these warnings are written to and secondly you do not live in the last days for which these warnings apply.

Since I do not now have the time to explain these verses to you, I have instead attached a survey study of the book of Hebrews.  When you understand what the book is about and the time it covers, you should be at rest.  Ephesians 1:12-14 makes it clear that when you trust the gospel of your salvation (I Corinthians 15:3,4 – that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose again, and you trusted that alone for your salvation) you are eternally secure, sealed with God’s Holy Spirit.  What is true for us in this age is not the same as when God again deals with Israel in the last days – the future 7 years (we call the tribulation) preceding the Lord Jesus Christ’s return.