Is the KJV the inspired word of God?

Hello ! … question ? Do YOU believe that the KJV Bible 1611 is the INSPIRED written word OF God , and that it is inerrant , and infallible ? … if your answer is ” no “, then which Bible is ? Also what Bible do You preach and teach from? Or, on the other hand , if your answer is ” yes ” … then what do you tell those who believe and say that it is not ? Thank you ! and look forward to hearing from you .

In answer to your questions about the KJV –

I believe the KJV is an accurate, reliable translation of the verbally inspired word of God preserved for English speaking people.  Since I believe it to be God’s Word preserved for me, then I believe it to be without error.

To those who do not believe it to be without error, they do not have a Bible.  They do not have God’s complete Word.  They do not have a final authority.  Wherever they disagree with the KJV, they have made themselves the final authority over the Bible.

I have a question regarding sharing the grace message?.  How do you share when the first thing that comes out of their mouth is that they do not believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God?  I am constantly being told by them (non-catholics), most do not use the KJV, that it was written by men and therefore you can’t believe everything in it.

When someone says they do not believe the Bible, they are usually defending their right to be ignorant.  The truth is they know the Bible is the Word of God.  There are three things you can do. 

1.  Ignore the fact they said they do not believe the Bible and just give them the truth they need to know, quoting the scriptures that say its true.  If they are lost, give them the gospel.  If they are in false doctrine, give them the truth.

2.  It is good to learn the proofs from within the Bible that proves it is the Word of God.  There are scientific proofs such as the world being round and suspended in space and hanging on nothing.  There are historic facts  Then there are hundreds of prophecy which have already come to pass, which God gave to prove his Prophets were speaking and writing His Word (as in Isaiah 48:4-8).  (Our Volume 13 makes some of these points.)

3. Lastly, if they just want left to their ignorance, even God will let them have their way, so their comes a time to practice  I Corinthians 14:23  “But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.”