Can we apply truths from the Bible other than from Paul’s writings?

How do we use the 1st chapter of James when it says let any man ask God who giveth to all liberally and upbraideth not. (concerning wisdom.) But then says but ask in faith nothing wavering , and next vs for let not that man think he shall receive anything from God. Sometimes I’m more of asking, knowing God can, but don’t know if my will is in agreement with HIS. Please help me know when reading the words to Israel how to apply in my life. Thank you for your faithfulness to the word of God.

I know it has been over a month since you wrote. Sorry to take so long in responding. Besides being busy, I kept thinking about how to answer your question. A few weeks ago, in another message I preached I did a similar thing. I thought later this would be a good example to share with you, but now it’s been too long to remember. So let me give you the short of it.

There are truths that transcend all dispensations such as the character of God. He never changes. He may change the way he deals with man, but he is the same in respect to his character and attributes. When we make an application from outside the Pauline Epistles the speaker and listener must be careful to evaluate if the thing said is a universal truth or not.

Another way of evaluating the application is to ask, can this be supported from within Paul’s Epistles. If not, then we better think twice.