Do we have to confess our sins to get forgiveness in the Dispensation of Grace?

Hello Pastor: I visited your church, and loved it, a number of times. Pastor you taught me too good. I can’t get you folks off of my mind! I pray that you and your family and congregation are doing well. God is so good isn’t He? I’ve not yet joined another church. I’ve been attending the same Baptist church since January ’06. They are good folks and their Pastor and elders are learned and kind. Because of what you taught me though, and mimicking the Bereans searching the scriptures (plus using your Rightly dividing the Scriptures) I do have a concern regarding their following 1John 1:9. Christ said on the cross “it is finished” and that is burned in my mind and heart. Keeping “short accounts with God” in accordance with the above Bible passage doesn’t sound Pauline to me but more kingdom talk. What do you say Pastor? Am I nitpicking? Am I one of those people looking for the perfect church and when I find it and attend it will no longer be perfect?!? Some points we can easily overlook, but I fear that the 1 John 1:9 and “short accounts” keeps me in a bondage of a type; I could easily fall back in Galatianism if you get my drift?! Thanks in advance for any input you may have. God bless and keep you safe always!

It is always good to hear from you. Not only do I remember you, but so does my wife and many of the others. Thanks for keeping in touch. I do not believe that everyone has to attend the same church, but we all have to believe the truth and right division is the only proper way to study the Bible and believe the truths of “grace.” When we mix the programs, we mix the messages and pollute grace.

That is exactly what you are struggling with in I John 1:9. That is written to Israel. Not only that chapter 1 of I John is written to the lost Jews who have not confessed that Jesus is the Christ. They make God a liar. Notice that I John chapter 2 begins “My little children” and now he address his converts. He does not tell them to confess to get forgiveness, he tells them they have an advocate and their sins are forgiven (see verses 1,2,12). I’m glad your conscience is on the side of grace. Be strong in the grace of God.