Are healings for today?

Years ago when I was in Bible college, I kept hearing of all the things that were going on not just in the so called Pentecostal movement but in the Charismatic movement within all churches and denominations. It was confusing me because I could not figure out if this was a revival or apostasy. The more I understood my Bible the less confused I was. Everything that was happening, supposed healings, supposed speaking in tongues, supposed slaying in the spirit …; none of that was happening in the way or for the reason God once did these things in the Bible. I learned always to be careful of RELIGION which does not line up with scripture. Catholicism is only one example. They are a more solemn, traditional, old church. But on the other hand there is the emotional, contemporary, modern worship style. Both are man made, feeling based, not scriptural religion. The more clear truth (according to God’s Word) was to me the less confused I became.

I do not try to explain what people saw, or experienced. Both have a place, but first and foremost “We walk by faith not by sight” – II Corinthians 5:7. And we are taught, even warned not to “give heed to fables” – I Timothy1:4; 4:7; II Timothy 4:4. Fables are stories, some true and some false. However even the unsaved have stories of healings and cancers going away. I don’t try to explain what I cannot explain. But I do teach what the Bible says.

I hope this helps your edification.