Does Mark 16: 9-20 belong in the Bible?

Thank you so much for the info. I requested. It has helped me understand certain things more clearly. I have enjoyed watching your program since May 31, 2008. I have not missed any of the five episodes since I started watching. I was reading the inside cover of “the KEY to understanding the Bible”, I completely agree that our Bible is the most marvelous book ever written. The booklet also states that our God has kept it intact from the beginning. I also agree, although recently as I was studying I came across the debate of whether or not Mark 9-20 is actual scripture. I see many people on TV misrepresenting and taking these verses out of context and thinking it was written for them. Was it even written or inspired by our Lord at all? I would love to know what you have concluded by your studies.

Thanks for letting us know that you are watching Forgotten Truths. We are very encouraged with the comments of those who are watching and learning.

Just to give to you a short answer to your question about whether or not Mark 16:9-20 should be in the Bible. We know from the book of Acts that these verses belong in the Bible for three reasons. First, those signs did follow them that believe. Secondly, if these verses were not in the Bible you would have no idea why they spoke in tongues in Acts 2:4. The only verse that said they would is Mark 16:17. Thirdly, and must importantly, the purpose of these signs is given in Mark 16:20 where it says: “… the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” These signs were “the signs of an apostle” (2 Corinthians 12:12) confirming that they were speaking God’s Word. Since we have God’s completed, perfect Word today, these signs served their purpose and ended with the apostles.