Is Noah’s Ark a fable?

I have a quick question that I believe I have the answer to but wanted to get your thoughts.

First off, I have been listening to your sermons for a while now and am convinced mid-acts Pauline dispensation is the only way to go. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen and to find the truth.

I ran into the priest from my childhood and of course the question surfaced as to what my beliefs are now. As I began explaining that I take the bible literally, I was interrupted and very quickly told Creationism is dangerous and is anti-Christian (I can’t possibly understand anything but how the exact opposite is true). He gave me an exhaustive account on how there are multiple stories in the Pentateuch which can be taken apart and are completely different from each other. I asked him to further explain, but the only example he gave me was about Noah’s Ark.

He asked “How many animals went onto the ark?” I said “He took the clean animals by sevens” and again was interrupted. He said “How were there clean and unclean animals when the two were not distinguished until Leviticus.

I just wanted to get your thoughts.

I too have spoken to priests, in my case about the gospel. One told me “the problem with you people is that you believe that book,” in reference to the Bible. Obviously the same applies to the priest you spoke to. Rather than the Bible teaching them, they believe tradition and science.

In your case the book of Genesis would teach us that there was a knowledge of the law before God gave it to Israel through Moses. The Sabbath goes back to creation. Noah knew what clean animals were. Abraham gave tithes to Melchizedek. So the Bible teaches us that there was knowledge of the law before Moses. Instead of learning from the Bible, the priest who is a nonbeliever criticizes the Bible. He will answer for this someday!

Keep preaching the Word!