Why did God send Jonah to a Gentile city?

Please don’t take my question wrong – in no way am I trying to argue.  I am 64 years old. I have sought the Truth of the Word of God, and what I was taught never made sense until I found dispensational teaching through Les Feldick and now Bro Jordan.  Now the question:  Since “Time Past” is Jew only, what about Jonah?  Why did God send him to a Gentile city?

Remember the purpose God made the Nation of Israel out of the seed of Abraham and promised to bless them was so that “… in thee shall all the families (nations) of the earth be blessed” – Genesis 12:3; 22:18.

We see in Jonah a picture of Israel failing be to what God called them to be – “a light to the Gentiles.”  We see Israel’s failure and yet God’s concern for the Gentiles – Jonah 4:9-11.

After Israel is chastened through the tribulation, Jesus Christ will return and save the believing remnant and then they shall go into all the world “and teach all nations” like Matthew 28:19 says.

John 3:16 is true of the Kingdom program:  “God so loved the world.” 

What is different today is that God is saving Gentiles and Jews through the fall of Israel (Romans 11:11-15,25,32) and before He pours out his wrath.  That is GRACE!