Did Joseph adopt Jesus?

For the first time I heard someone state that Jesus was adopted by Joseph the husband of Mary. Is this correct Biblical doctrine? Have you and or Pastor Jordon taught anything specific to this belief either pro or con? If yes, would you please share it with me? In the event that what you may have to share is for sale please kindly let me know the charge.

My wife and I just got back from a trip, so I am just now catching up on my emails.

I have often heard that Joseph adopted Jesus (and surely I’ve said it that way) but I never took that as an official adoption.  I only thought of it in the sense that Joseph raised Jesus as his son.  In Luke 2:48 Mary referred to Joseph as his father.  The Lord’s response was a reminder of who his real Father was as an explanation of why he did not follow them home.

If pressed for Biblical proof that Joseph adopted Jesus, I don’t know of any and I don’t know that I have read anything where someone was proving or disproving this as a doctrine.  So I don’t think I can help you look into this any further.