The name of Jesus

There is a wide movement to refer to the name Jesus in the Hebrew language. Some even say if you call the Lord “Jesus” you are speaking about the wrong person. I asked a man that if I believed Jesus Christ died and rose again for my sins am I saved or lost? He backed down from his position to say that I was still saved. I get really confused on why I have to use a Hebrew name. The New Testament was mostly written in Greek. “Christ” is Greek for “Messiah” but we call Jesus “the Christ.” Think about it. When the Lord walked about Galilee and Judea and spoke, he was speaking Hebrew, but the only way we know what he said is because the original writers wrote it down in Greek and God preserved it in the Bible which gets translated in (hopefully) every language of the world. Why then would we have to refer to Jesus as Yaway (I know that is not spelled right)? Just some thoughts.