Is it possible Jesus Christ could have sinned?

You have given me some input from your study of the scripture on water baptism in the past, and I was wondering if when you had the time if you could send me your input on the impeccability/peccability of Christ. My mom thinks that Christ could have sinned, but I think that the scripture supports that he couldn’t have. What is your view from the scripture?

Your question is one of those trapping questions.  The scriptures cannot be broken and they declared that Jesus Christ would bear our sins, so he could not have any sins of his own. 

However the unique nation of Jesus Christ is that he is Fully Man and Fully God.  For him to be tempted in all points as we are, in his humanity he was given free will and a choice.  Born of the virgin he was not born with a sin nature.  In life he chose to walk by faith during the temptations of Matthew 4 and throughout all his life.  He did not rely on his deity.  In his temptations he was without sin.  Thus he became the last Adam.

In his Deity he is holy-holy-holy. That may not fully answer your question, but perhaps it will help.