1 Corinthians 5

Chastening through the Body of Christ

This is a tough passage for me to want to comprehend.  I had in the past prayed to the Father for a particular daughter (another one) to be corrected in some way that would bring her back from a fleshly life–but not to be killed in order for her spirit to be saved.  I cried out to Him for mercy in that correction and His will was to do so; correction and restoration.  Thank you in advance for your instruction regarding this chapter. 

I am not exactly sure what your question is, but to comment on the passage you implied – I Cor. 5; the chastening in that passage is through the Body of Christ.  Putting that man out of the assembly until he puts that sin out of his life.  It would be the natural consequence of living in the world, giving in to the lusts of the flesh that would cause the destruction of the flesh.  Not necessarily physical death (though that could happen) but coming to the end of themselves (like the prodigal son) would also bring death to the flesh and a life of service to God – saving the spirit in the day of Christ – bringing reward.

In any case God would not bring about the death directly, nor supernaturally.  Since these instructions are of God, this is how God chastens in the age of grace:  through natural means, through the scriptures, and through the Body of Christ.