Genesis 3:15

We listen to your teachings and those of Richard Jordan.  We are wondering what you teach on Genesis 3:15.  In the part of the verse ‘And I will put enmity between you and the woman.’ Who do you or Pastor Jordan teach is the woman?  We meet with a couple each week.  The husband asked about the meaning of this verse.  We want to make sure that what we teach them is in perfect accordance with God’s Word.  Thus, we are asking for your input.  Thank you very much. 

Since Satan used Eve to get to Adam to disobey God and sin, God is claiming that he will use the “woman” beginning with Eve and bring into this World a Savior – one who would destroy the serpent.  Always in scripture the seed comes through the man so this statement is highly unusual, until we come to Mary and the virgin birth.  Only Jesus Christ came through the seed of the woman.  On the cross His heel was bruised, but through the preaching of the cross we learn that the same cross was the defeat of the serpent, of sin and of death.