Matthew 10:37 – 11:12

Please explain Matt.10:37 and Matt.11:12 I am confused. Thank you.

Matthew 10:37 is something many people coming to faith in Christ are faced with, but the context of this passage makes it even more difficult for Jewish believers. Sometimes when becoming a Believer in the gospel, a true Christian in the Biblical sense of the word, a person must go against the tradition and religion they were brought up with and even against the wishes of their parents. In that case a person must decide who they will choose; who they love more. In the context of Matthew 10 we are speaking of Jews going against their religion and against their temple worship which will be soon controlled by the Anti-Christ. A Believer in Jesus Christ will suffer rejection and persecution even unto death – see Matthew 10:21-28. When the tribulation comes (Matthew 24:10-21) the trial of faith will require the Believer to choose: their life or Christ and death. They will have to endure to the end – faithfully.

Matthew 11:12 is a confusing verse. I think it refers to the battle Jesus Christ was having with the religious leaders of his day who were trying to stay in power by force – by violence, (see Matthew 21:33-46). On the other hand, the Believing remnant was entering into the Kingdom through the preaching and baptism of John.

Hope these comments help.