Please clarify exactly who is judged after the 1,000 year reign

I was looking to get some tracts, and in looking at the “Am I Going To Heaven” one, I noticed it does not seem to be correct in what it states:

“Anyone who is found not written in the book of life…” Rev. 20:15

The body of Christ will have been long raptured, when the book of life is opened, and not subject to such judgment! I am a bit puzzled that this be used as a means to teach any new believer.

Am I incorrect?

While the Body of Christ will be raptured long before the Great White Throne Judgment, so will all the Old Testament and Kingdom Saints.  Even they will be raised 1000 years before this judgment.  The resurrection and judgment after the 1000 year reign is for all the damned of all the ages.  They shall all be cast into the lake of fire.  This will include every lost person who died without salvation in the age of grace.  So it is a proper warning to lost people to encourage them to be saved while they can.