Who are the 144,000?

First of all just want to thank you again for the indepth study you bring that helps us search the Scriptures and study!!!  It’s exciting to dig into the Word of Truth rightly divided. 

There is something that is puzzling my friend and I  and we cannot come to a conclusion by studying on our own – so we need some insight from you.  We recently heard a “Grace” pastor teach on Revelation 12 and we have a question about that.  He said that the “man child” in verse 5 is the 144,000 and they would be caught to God in heaven.  My friend and I have not really studied Revelation but we know enough to understand that we won’t be here!!  Normally, we wouldn’t give it a thought – but this has got us puzzled – we would like some clarification please.  Like I said, we are just very curious because we thought the man child was Jesus Christ. 

I only heard about the blood moons from a person at our assembly.  I had to go to the Internet to find out what people were saying.  I downloaded a couple of articles I thought were helpful and will include them with this email.  But first let me say that If you have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ and His work on the cross for your salvation, then there is never anything to fear.  Especially God who is now your Father.  The Thessalonians were fearful that they were on Earth in the day of God’s wrath and Paul begins by telling them:

It took me a while to write back because I kept thinking your question was going to take some time to answer but then I decided to give you the short version. I do agree with the person you heard. If John is caught up into the future Day of The Lord and is seeing events that are future, then the man child is not the Lord Jesus born of Mary in the past but someone who is identified with him in the future. The 144,000 show up at the beginning of the tribulation, and are called the “firstfruits” unto God in Rev. 14.  Their preaching from the start brings about the birth of the nation. In Rev 12 the man child is caught up unto God while the believing remnant flees into the wilderness. In Rev 14 the 144,000 are with the Lord in heaven, redeemed from the earth. So it seems they are the man child who is caught up to God in Rev 12. Remember the 144,000 cannot die. They seem to be a very special people. I have attached a study I passed out when we studied the book of Revelation pointing out who I think the 144,000 are. Perhaps this will give you even more to think about. Study On!