Are the “Firstfuits” also the “Little Flock?”

On Wednesday evenings I am teaching through the Book of Colossians. Colossians 1:21-23 is a parallel passage to Romans 11. I thought a little more about the “Firstfruits” and I can see how it could be the “Little Flock.” Those notes I sent to D. are from Jordan’s class and that is what he taught. I also looked back on my own personal notes and saw that my first thoughts were that “Firstfruits” spoke of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But there was also another thought noted. Just as Jesus Christ is the “Root” it is also true that He is the “Firstfruits” (I Corinthians 15:23). I just wanted to add for your consideration.

While I am thinking about it here are some thoughts on the subject. My first thoughts are that Jesus Christ is the root (Revelation 22:16 comes to mind). He is the source of life and the promise of life. The firstfruits would be Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Pentecost being the firstfruits is true in another application to another passage such as James 1 and Revelation 14. What we partake of today is the promise of life in Christ Jesus.

Here is something else to consider. In Romans 11:17 the words “WITH THEM,” do they refer to the Branches still connected to the Olive Tree or to the Branches broken off. The last mention was to the broken off branches. And that agrees with the age of grace. We who were cut off Gentiles are now grafted in with the cut off Jews in One Body.

Good hearing from you. Keep up the Lord’s work.