Who are the sons of God?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the online sermons on youtube. They’ve been very helpful, given how I was only recently saved (I was a former Hindu), and I didn’t fully grasp the concept of grace until I watched those sermons. That said, I would really appreciate it, if you could get back to me regarding a question I have about Genesis 6:1-4. Who are the Sons of God? John McArthur, to cite an example, “concludes” that they were men possessed by fallen angels; He points out that the Sons of God is a term that exclusively refers to angels in the OT. A friend of mine, who is a staunch follower of McArthur, argues that fallen angels cannot create for themselves bodies; in short, they cannot materialize. He therefore concludes that the only explanation (as he puts it) is that men sought out fallen angels. Those fallen angels then possessed those men and married daughters of men, which is direct disobedience to God. My friend went on to say that he totally agrees with McArthur about this. That would, therefore, be McArthur’s position. I saw other commentaries that point out that nowhere in the bible is the term Sons of God used for fallen angels. They are used for holy angels, the first Adam, Lord Jesus Christ, and after resurrection, for the saved ones. Some point out the term is used for those directly created by God. Needless to say, this raises more questions for me. Is McArthur’s position biblical or yet another speculation? 

Thank you for your testimony of recently being saved.  That’s great to hear.  It’s all by God’s grace, through our faith in the complete payment the Lord Jesus Christ made in our behalf on the Cross.  It’s by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone! 

Concerning your question about “The Sons of God” in Genesis 6.  You are on the right tract.  Some of the finer details may not be exactly correct and how Angelic beings married the “Daughters of men” is not explained so we don’t have to be dogmatic on the how.

Tracing Luke’s genealogy in Luke 3, we learn in verse 38 that a being created by God (like Adam) is called “the son of God.”  So all Angelic beings are sons of God, whether they had fallen or not.  Comparing II Peter 2:4,5 with Jude 6, these Angels fell when they “left their first estate” and came down to the daughters of men.

There are enough Scriptures here to conclude what took place in Genesis 6, who’s who, why it happened (Satan’s attack on the promised “SEED” – Jesus Christ), and what God did about it.  There is also a warning to man about contacting spirit beings.  So now it is just a matter of faith – believing what God said.

I know that is basic, but I believe faith makes things simple.