Under the Jewish program of circumcision were Gentiles saved to become Jews?

I guess it’s true, the old adage that if you sleep on it things will be clearer in the morning.  I woke up this morning clearly understanding that Peter knew that Gentiles would be saved when Israel became the earthly kingdom of God ~ fulfilling their purpose.

I was mixing up evangelism as we do it today; one person at a time, explaining the gospel and bringing them into the fold of believing in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.  I looked at the Jews as doing the same thing, i.e., as a Gentile believed that the Jews were the chosen people of God, became circumcised and adhered to the Jewish Laws, then they were saved.  Well, yes they were, but they were saved to become Jews who as a nation would save Gentiles.  Ahhhhh, what a relief.

OK, now I’m looking for the scripture verses to support this…I know it’s there but can’t  find it.  IF you know off the top of your head, could you email the verse(s) to me.  ONLY if it’s convenient.  If not, I’ll catch you next Wednesday for the info.  Thanks for your patience.

I went to bed thinking about Acts 15 and woke up still thinking.  Gary and I were at the church till 11:00 PM discussing, no arguing over all the chapters from 7 to 15.  I honestly thought that his different view would be past when we got to chapter 15, that there would be no questions over what this chapter is about.  Boy was I wrong.  He and I are on 2 vastly different planes.  We ended by discussing how we ought to handle the difference so as not to bring harm or division to the church.  So all is well.

Now, concerning your email.  You did get it!  The comments I made were introductory.  The first two points, as we begin studying the verses of the chapter are:  1 – Who are the “Certain Men” (which we covered) and point 2 (would have been) “The Gospel of the Circumcision” – which is the answer to your question.  That is where we begin next week.  Here are the verses; the explanation will come next week:

Check out:  Genesis 12:1-3 – Salvation through Israel

                  Genesis 17:7-14  Look close at verse 7

                    – To be considered “God’s People” circumcision was required

                   Exodus 12:41-50  To participate in Passover (a type of salvation) required circumcision

                  John 4:22 – “… salvation is of the Jews.” 

                  Mark 7:27   “… Let the children FIRST be filled…”  Gentiles later

                  Matthew 25:21-46 – Here is when Gentiles will be saved (as gentiles)

                 Acts 15 is not Gentile Salvation through Israel, but Gentile Salvation before Israel’s  salvation according to the gospel of the uncircumcision revealed to Paul.

Thanks for the email.  I needed to know I was making sense.