Do black people originate from the curse of Ham or Canaan?

Is it true Forgotten Truths believes the curse of Ham or Canaan is where the black people were described as ” service, technologically enhanced etc…”….therefore, three races of people for different stations in life.

The statement you quoted does NOT come from Richard Jordan’s teachings.  A person has accused Richard Jordan of teaching that, and those are that person’s words.  What Brother Jordan taught in his Genesis Course of Grace School of The Bible is that the three sons of Noah represent how the Earth will be governed in the future Kingdom.  We do know that Abraham and the Nation of Israel is God’s Royal Nation in the Kingdom and that they do come from the line of Shem.  We also know that the Canaanites were cursed and God gave their land to Israel.  However, the Canaanites are NOT the Black people.  “Cush” whose name means “Black” settled in Ethiopia.  It’s Canaan that is cursed, NOT Cush.  Remember in Numbers 12 Moses married an Ethiopian and Mariam who spoke against Moses was plagued with leprosy.  The line from Cush is not cursed.

Thanks for asking, instead of taking the word of someone who said this is what Brother Jordan teaches.